A UCIRO investigation may be requested either by an individual with a complaint about a University employee or by the administrative head of a University organization.

Contact us to schedule an intake meeting.

Call our main number at (206) 616-2028 or send an e-mail to uciro@uw.edu to schedule an intake meeting. The meeting may be conducted in person or over the phone and typically lasts one to two hours.

Prepare for your intake meeting.

Before your meeting, we will send you information about the UCIRO inquiry process as well as a copy of Administrative Policy Statements 46.3 (Resolution of Complaints Against University Employees). Read this information and note any questions you have. You may also find it helpful to jot down a brief chronology of events and to think about how you would like to resolve your situation.

Tell us your story.

At your intake meeting, you’ll talk one-on-one with a member of the UCIRO staff. We’ll ask you questions to help us clarify what happened and when, and to make sure that we understand your concerns and how you would ideally like them resolved. Once we have an accurate overview, we will tell you if the facts of your situation fall within UCIRO’s purview for investigation, as defined by UW policy and procedure. Certain matters, such as complaints about patient care, fall outside of UCIRO’s purview. In addition, matters which occurred more than 365 days prior to a request by an individual will not typically be accepted for a UCIRO investigation. If the facts of your situation do fall within UCIRO’s purview, we will discuss the investigation process in more detail, so that you can evaluate your options. If the facts of your situation do not fall within UCIRO’s purview, then we will refer you to other resources. If you are concerned about confidentiality, you should discuss this at your intake meeting to gain a clear understanding of the nature of the confidentiality that is available.

Request an investigation.

If the facts of your situation do fall within UCIRO’s purview and it is decided to move forward with a UCIRO investigation, we will send you a letter with a summary of your complaint, so that you can verify that the allegations are factually accurate and reflect your perspective fairly. Once the allegations are finalized and you have approved them, we will formally open a complaint investigation. Once an investigation is opened, information is provided only to those who have a “business-need-to-know,” such as the person(s) accused, the administrative head of the University organization involved, the appropriate Human Resources Consultant and/or the Provost’s Office. Because the University is a public institution, after a UCIRO matter is concluded, information contained in UCIRO files may be subject to disclosure under the State Public Disclosure Act. Some information, such as medical information, student records, or information that is otherwise exempt from the Public Disclosure Act, will not be subject to disclosure under that Act. Other information obtained by UCIRO may be disclosed if otherwise required by law, for example, pursuant to a subpoena or court order.