During the course of a UCIRO investigation, the Investigation and Resolution Specialist investigating the complaint may discuss potential resolution options with the relevant parties. Resolution discussions may be initiated at any point in the process either by the person who has raised concerns or by the department involved in the matter.

The Specialist facilitates a dialogue between the interested parties in an effort to help them identify potential resolution options. If a resolution is successfully achieved, the UCIRO complaint investigation is administratively closed at that time. Resolution is always voluntary.

Information about UCIRO investigations, including discussions about potential resolutions, is provided only to those who have a “business-need-to-know,” such as the administrative head of the University organization involved, the appropriate Human Resources Consultant and/or the Provost’s Office.

Because the University is a public institution, after a UCIRO investigation is concluded, information contained in UCIRO files may be subject to disclosure under the State Public Disclosure Act. Some information, such as medical information, student records, or information that is otherwise exempt from the Public Disclosure Act, will not be subject to disclosure under that Act. Other information obtained by UCIRO may be disclosed if otherwise required by law, for example, pursuant to a subpoena or court order.