A task force has been appointed by the Provost to review and make recommendations for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the University of Washington's health and safety governance structure.

Health and Safety Governance Task Force Members:
Elizabeth Cherry (co-chair), Associate Vice Provost, Compliance and Risk Services 
Dave Anderson (co-chair), Executive Director, Health Sciences Administration 
Leslie Anderson, Advancement Services Officer, Principal Giving 
Janice Camp, Senior Lecturer, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Rebecca Deardorff, Director of Rules Coordination, Office of the President 
Tim Dellit, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, School of Medicine 
Charles Kennedy, Associate Vice President, Facilities Services 
Ellen Taylor, Assistant Vice Provost, Student Life 
Jude Van Buren, Director, Environmental Health and Safety 
David Eaton (ex-officio), Dean and Vice Provost, Graduate School 
Norm Beauchamp, Faculty Senate representative 
Vanessa Kritzer, GPSS representative 
Thomas Small, Union representative 

View the Provost's charge letter for the Health and Safety Governance Task Force.

View the Health and Safety Compliance Assessment report to the Board of Regents.